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As a tried-and-trusted sports investment firm, PRO INFO SPORTS can charge less for our Sports Handicapping Services. Our detailed Pro Football Picks, NCAA Football Picks, NBA Picks, NCAA Basketball Picks, Baseball Picks, and sports handicapping systems are priced for a potential client to try for a game, week, or month before making a longer commitment, and for less money than a single "super-duper lock" or "1-million-star game" might cost from some "scamdicappers". These touts will try to get as much money from you as quickly as possible because they know you won't be back.

PRO INFO SPORTS, on the other hand, is certain that our superior sports handicapping and money management strategies will continue to turn trial customers into long-term clients. Our exclusive NFL & NCAA Football, NBA & NCAA Basketball, and MLB Baseball expert sports picks and sports handicapping systems are priced with that supreme confidence in mind.

See the GAMEDAY INVESTMENT e-LERTS and POWER SYSTEMS pages for actual examples of the comprehensive sports handicapping services offered in our e-LERT selections and the technical handicapping tools available with our POWER SYSTEMS.

  •  GAMEDAY INVESTMENT e-LERTS  detail our top-rated Pro Football Picks, NCAA Football Picks, NBA Picks, NCAA Basketball Picks, and Baseball Picks - Money Plays and Opinion Selections - with in-depth sports handicapping information, analysis and advice; issued the day prior to all football games and the day of all basketball & baseball contests.

  •  POWER SYSTEMS  feature hundreds of computer-researched and documented 100% ATS sports handicapping systems, with the precise winning parameters specificied for all common regular season and playoff scenarios. 

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