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Handicapping Sports

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In practically any pursuit or passion there are established concepts, principles, and practices that are common among those who enjoy prosperity. PRO INFO SPORTS has adopted, mastered, and refined prevailing sports handicapping techniques and combined them with our own successful methodologies to form the foundation of our handicapping sports strategy and achieve impressive, consistent winning results with our Sports Handicapping Services.

Sports Handicapping Focus

True professionals specialize. Con artists who claim to dominate all sports with extremely high winning percentages are simply running handicapping scams, trying to drive traffic to their 900 numbers and boiler room telemarketers. Here in the real world of handicapping sports, PRO INFO SPORTS is completely focused on the investment opportunities that we have the most authoritative opinions and advice on; namely, football, basketball, and baseball sports picks against the spread with occasional totals, teasers, and parlays as situations dictate.

The Best Handicappers Work Hard

Being a successful sports handicapping and investment firm requires time, effort, and resources. There simply are no short cuts or easy way outs for long-term success in this business, and we absolutely refuse to be out-hustled or caught off-guard. PRO INFO SPORTS clients can rest assured that we are hard at work, doing what we do best to earn and retain their business and trust.

Handicapping Sports Requires Superior Information

The genesis for determining lucrative sports investment opportunities is the gathering and accumulation of hard data and information. The extensive PRO INFO SPORTS network of contacts within the sports and gaming industries provide us with direct, current and accurate facts and figures that we use for the benefit of our clients.

Fundamental Handicapping

Powerful computer programs and sports handicapping software, some developed by and exclusive to PRO INFO SPORTS, sort the accumulated statistical data to objectively evaluate all upcoming games and predict their outcomes. These fundamental calculations enable us to initially determine the accuracy of the established pointspread for each event.

Situational Handicapping

We then scrutinize every teams' physical, psychological, and emotional situation by analyzing all manner of non-mathematical factors such as motivation, injuries, weather, outside distractions, and other intangible elements. This examination and consideration of subjective factors allows us to more precisely determine the actual strength of each team for their next contest.

Technical Handicapping

We also investigate the technical circumstances of each team and game, searching for meaningful historical trends. How teams have performed under certain conditions in the past, such as when home/away, a favorite/underdog, in a divisional/non-divisional game, etc., can portend future outcomes. In addition to selectively using these established, simple single-team and single-factor angles, we have discovered and continue to develop our own unique and complex team and league-wide sports handicapping systems for employment in our arsenal. PRO INFO SPORTS POWER SYSTEMS are the most POWERful technical handicapping tools in the industry.

The relative significance of these fundamental, situational, and technical handicapping factors fluctuate from team to team and from game to game. PRO INFO SPORTS expertise is established upon our intelligent and insightful consideration, and application of these consequential aspects of each event and team. We are supremely confident that putting our sports handicapping information, analysis, and advice to work with our Money Management strategy will be a rewarding and enjoyable sports investment venture.


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