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PRO INFO SPORTS Testimonials

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"I couldn't help but to send you a note on your outstanding selections on Saturday. Once again, your analysis proved to be right on and very true to form. I for one would like to send my compliments to you and your staff for an excellent job. I look forward to a long-term partnership with you and your team. Keep up the good work. Thanks again for being professional in everything you do."

- Jeff, via e-mail


"I am getting a great deal with the success I have had with your guidance."

- Bob, via e-mail


"This is my first week with you guys and I am completely impressed. Keep up the good work."

- GAMEDAY INVESTMENT e-LERT client, via e-mail


"Just purchased your e-cyclopedia...I love information like this, its gives me an edge. Thanks again."

- POWER SYSTEM e-CYCLOPEDIA customer, via e-mail


"These are some of the best writeups I have ever seen. Thanks ProInfo!"

- C.M., via forum post


"Just wanted to thank you for last night's 7 star winner!...Thanx!"

- GAMEDAY INVESTMENT FREe-LERT subscriber, via e-mail


"Enjoy your write ups...you guys are good."

- via forum post


"Thanks guys received your plays. INCREDIBLE. You guys are an A class capper service. Thanks again!"

- GAMEDAY INVESTMENT e-LERT subscriber, via e-mail


"Always look forward to your plays. Great analysis of each game, much appreciated!"

- Jimbo, GAMEDAY INVESTMENT e-LERT subscriber, via e-mail


"Just found your site and I have to say your FREE picks are better than most tout picks."

- Duce, via e-mail


"This is my first week with you guys and I am completely impressed. Keep up the good work."

- GAMEDAY INVESTMENT e-LERT subscriber, via e-mail


"I will be purchasing this weekend also because of your honesty and the success of last weekend. I won $520 dollars this past weekend."

- Mike, via e-mail


"Bought yesterday's bowl plays and was extremely pleased with the purchase. I've bought another week's worth today. Wishing continued success to you. I know you have to work extremely hard to come up with the detailed analysis. I realize that we can't win 'em all but to start off 2-0 is sweet. Thanks again."

- via e-mail


"Congratulations on a good Sunday. I just wanted to say that I've made purchases from other services in the past and the information you include with your plays is exceptional. It's obvious that a lot of thought and effort go into the plays and I bet your customers appreciate it."

- Barry, GAMEDAY INVESTMENT e-LERT subscriber, via e-mail


"Great job guy, Just want to let you know that I just purchased another week and wanted to congrat you guys for doing a great job and your hard work....Lets keep it goin."

- Mark, GAMEDAY INVESTMENT e-LERT subscriber, via e-mail


"You guys are the bomb keep up the good work."

- Ken, via e-mail


"Hi, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your prompt and courteous service. I have NEVER dealt with any other Sports Service that didn't seemed to be under-manned and slow in attention to customer service. Quick is good guys-Makes for repeat customers. Thank You."

- via e-mail


"Great job on Friday guys. Waiting for Sat winners to come along. Again great job on the 2 Friday games. Thanks."

- Pat, via e-mail


"Hey, great job so far on the games, you are everything you advertised."

- Don, via e-mail


"Thanks. You guys are on top of it! I think I will be purchasing long term. Best detailed write up I have ever purchased on games. Thanks again. Impressive."

- Dave, via e-mail


"I have only been a client for a couple of weeks and found your service to be the best in the business. No hype, no LOCKS and no B.S. In Australia we do not get a chance to follow the action closely (normally at work or games are not shown LIVE), and rely on experts like yourself to give us the edge. Keep up the good work and I look forward to many more winners."

- via e-mail


"I give up. I can no longer go on without your service. I have checked your site as frequent as possible and it always seems u have the scoop on the big game. I am interested in the balance of the pro and college football season and 2 months of all your basketball services. Please respond if possible at your earliest convenience as another day without you will undoubtedly cost me money. I'm sold on your ability."

- Hugh, via e-mail


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